Read this for some good news!

Read This For Some Good News!

If you’re like us, you might be finding the news a bit overwhelming at the moment. Constant coronavirus updates and stories on the economy and politics can leave you feeling like nothing good is happening anywhere. However, even among this crisis there are still positive things occurring everywhere. Here, to cheer ourselves up, we share some of the best news related to the fashion industry!

The secondhand market is continuing to grow!

Despite the financial hit many industries have taken in recent months, certain areas of retail are still doing really well. In particular, online resale businesses appear to be thriving. Thredup’s 2020 resale report shows that consumers are increasingly gravitating towards the second hand clothes market. Online secondhand markets are expected to grow by 27% this year. GlobalData, who surveyed 2,000 consumers, found that 43% said they were going to spend more on sustainable clothing over the next five years. It seems that demand for sustainable clothing is going to continue to grow and grow!
Source: Fashonista

Brands are innovating in sustainable ways

There’s no question that waste is a significant problem in the fashion industry. New London label KITRI is tackling this issue head-on by launching its summer collection on an exclusively made-to-order basis. New pieces are only released in strictly limited numbers which means KITRI can gauge customer demand and avoid over producing items. The summer collection was even shot at home by influencer Jessie Bush, increasing sustainability further. It’s great to see a label making such proactive strides towards ethical fashion! (Marie Claire)

Jessie Bush models the new collection from home. Source: Marie Claire

Recycling is rising!

The energy comparison company SaveOneEnergy has discovered a change in attitudes towards recycling clothes during the pandemic. There has been a 500% increase in Google searches related to recycling and in the last month, over 12,000 people in Ireland have been engaging in these searches, making them the most recycling-minded country in the EU. Germany and the Netherlands have also displayed high levels of recycling queries. Hopefully this awareness of environmental issues will last beyond the pandemic. (Fashion United)

Jewellery made out of recycled metal

Pandora has vowed to only use recycled metals in its jewellery by 2025, after vowing earlier this year that it would be carbon neutral by the same date. 71% of the silver and gold in Pandora’s jewellery already comes from recycled metals and by expanding this to all its products, it will cut carbon emissions by two thirds for silver and 99% for gold. This is a fantastic move that could potentially inspire other companies to do the same. (Marie Claire)

The world's first carbon-negative brand!

The mission of label Sheep Inc. launched in October is the be the world’s first carbon-negative brand. It works with sustainable suppliers and manufacturers that run on 100% renewable energy. The brand was launched with an 100% biodegradable crew neck sweater, made from Merino wool. Aside from the jumper’s tag (itself carbon neutral) you could place the product in the ground and 12 months later, there would be nothing left. 5% of the company’s revenues are donated to biodiversity projects, from protecting the Amazon rainforest to restoring land damaged by over-farming. It would be great to see more brands adopt some, if not all, of Sheep Inc.’s ideas.