Layer it up with style

As winter has been dragging for just a little too long and you feel like you’ve worn your favourite jumper probably just about a thousand times it is time to spice things up a little bit. With these freeze-proof clothing combinations you probably never thought of, you can keep warm for the last month of winter while looking unbelievably stylish.

1. Double knitwear.

The first tip is pretty self-explanatory. Just wear two jumpers instead of one. For the fashionable styling effect, layer thin polo-neck under a thick wool v-neck jumper or wrap a thick knit around your shoulders over a different colour one.

2. Smart streetwear

To make your cosy, loungewear look smarter layer your favourite hoodie under a classic structured, wool coat to give your outfit more shape and effortless class.

3. Perfect match-cardigan and blazer.

For the warmer winter days, we would like to recommend opting for a thick blazer paired with a cable-knit cardigan underneath it instead of a thinner coat. Try matching blazer and cardigan with different textures to make the look more interesting.

4. Chunky jumpers over flowy dresses

If you stuffed your flowy summer dresses in the back of your closet months ago without any hope to see them sooner than May (if we’re lucky), go quickly dig them out. With a pair of cosy, knitted tights and a super chunky sweater thrown over, your summer dress will become a great companion for cold weather. To give this outfit some definition try cinching your waist with a cool-looking belt.

5. Slip into a slip

There’s also a perfect use for your lace slip dresses in the winter. Just throw a polo-neck under the dress, slip into a pair of black tights and heeled boots and voila!

6. Granddad’s chic

Last but not least we can’t forget the vests that are making a big come-back this season. Wear them over knitwear or elegant blouse to add some 70’s style to your winter outfit.